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Safer Internet Debate 2017

Tuesday evening saw a large gathering of parents (and a very good turnout of Year Five and Six children) for our first ever Internet Safety discussion.

We had put together a panel of ex-students to help current students and parents navigate their way through the joys and uncertainties of using the Internet and Social Media through secondary school.  The discussion was lively and interesting, with tweeted and texted questions in addition to those from the audience.  Thanks to Mrs Rae and Dr Loader for organising the evening, to Mrs Conway for refreshments, to the audience for turning out, but especially to our young panel.

Ben L, Beth I, Olivia H, Maddy S, Izzie A and Anton R – you are a credit to yourselves and your schools, and your articulate and positive answers to questions from the floor sent us all home more informed, and with plenty to think about.  Thank you all.

Whilst we cannot provide all the answers, we have put together some useful resources to help you.

SCPS e-safety resources

Here are a selection of the interesting questions we received on the night.

@sonningcommonps Don’t forget, the only silly question is the one you didn’t ask…

Have you sold or bought anything online?

What is the right age to have an email account.

Is safe?

Have you had any problems with social media?

Has your phone ever been hacked into?

Have you ever had any trouble with content on YouTube?

Should people tell a parent if something bad has happened on social media and why?

How do you stop your child playing games throughout the night

Youtube content is really not appropriate sometimes. What is the best way to regulate it?

Why are there age restrictions?

Are there age restrictions for mail or messages???

What are the dangers of social media and things like that

Have you ever had a problem with your friends on social media?

Should you or your parents check who is following you on social media?

Have you ever received a rude message?

Has anyone found out your password?

How do kids handle jealousy and bullying on social media?

Have you sold or bought anything online?

How easy is it to circumnavigate the security system in a secondary school.

Some say: “Facebook is where you tell lies to your friends and Twitter is where you tell the truth to strangers”

What would you do if you get a message from an unknown abroad, offering a share of a large sum of money stranded in a bank?

what do the panel think are the dangers to them online?

How to protect 10 yr old daughter from her own mobile?

Do teenagers use Facebook or has it become the social media equivalent of a retirement village?

Someone took a photo of me without my knowledge and posted it on social media without asking me. Am I wrong to be upset?

Have you ever been judged by the number of friends or followers you have on social media?

Why are there private settings?

Why are there so many bad sites and adverts when you are doing more important things like homework?

Why is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so famous? And thank you for this amazing talk it has told me a lot.

Thank you!!!


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