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Internet Safety

SCPS promotes the safe use of the internet for children.  We use commercial web filtering software to restrict which sites can be accessed from within school.

Here are our rules for using the internet
e-Safety rules for KS1

e-Safety rules for KS2

We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2018 on 6th February 2018 with an exciting TV show, watch this space for more details.

Here are some useful website which give parents and children useful advice on using the internet safely.

Safer Internet Day 2018 Packs for Parents/Carers

Common Sense Media

NSPCC Net Aware

Social Networking

There are some children of Primary School age who are using social media and have accounts despite the recommended minimum age of 13. Below are some popular social media sites terms and conditions.

UK council for child safety online

Instagram Age Limit

Facebook Age Limit

Snap Chat Parental Guide

SnapChat map advice

Whatsapp Terms of Service

Our school does NOT advocate our pupils having these accounts and is committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of the Internet and as such, we feel it is our responsibility to raise this particular issue as a concern.  Whilst children cannot access Facebook or other social networking sites at school, they could have access to it on any other computer or mobile technology outside school.  Websites such as Facebook offer amazing communication and social connections, however they are created with their audience in mind and this is specifically 13 years old and above. Parents and carers have a responsibility to make sure children are aware of the issues around using these sites at an inappropriately early age.


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