Sonning Common Primary School

Space to learn, grow and be inspired

School Life

We’re enormously proud of the almost 400 children and 80 adults that contribute to the amazing school life we have here at Sonning Common. The staff here are dedicated to providing an education for the whole person, giving them an exciting and interesting start to life-long learning.

All aspects of children’s learning are important and there are opportunities to enjoy sport, drama, dance, music, the environment and a foreign language, as well as the all-important skills which enable children to be literate, numerate and scientific.

We encourage learning in many different ways through the use of excellent facilities at the school such as the library, the swimming pool, the computer room, large classrooms and extensive grounds. The staff are a wonderful blend of wisdom, youth and experience. An energetic governing body and a very active parent association support them. All of these adults provide a calm and nurturing environment for the children.

The school welcomes parent help in the classroom and encourages parents to express their views through questionnaires and regular meetings. We value highly the contact between home and school, knowing the process of educating a child is a partnership. Parents and teachers working together will give children the best opportunity to develop talents and encourage tolerance, independence, good behaviour and positive attitudes towards learning.