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Welcome to Kites

From little acorns mighty oaks grow – Kites is where it all starts.  Miss Tugwell, Miss Patel and Mrs Pound welcome our little acorns to the school’s reception year, helping them find their way around the site and get used to the flow of daily school life. As well as getting the feel of classroom-based activities, children are introduced to formal Forest Camp sessions, as a love of life-long learning is established.

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    Miss Tugwell, Miss Patel and Mrs Pound


    Mrs Conway, Mrs Kemp, Miss Meredith, Mrs Handley, Mrs McGowan.

    Parent helpers

    Thank you so much to all of the parents that have come in to help this term: playing games with the children, teaching the children new languages and educating them about their professions.

    We always appreciate adult help. As our first topic next term is ‘Internationalism’, we would be grateful if any parents would like to come in and share their experiences of growing up in or visiting other countries.

    Thanks in advance

    The Kites team