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Non-uniform Day

Don’t forget, tomorrow (Friday 25th November) is non-uniform Day to support the Christmas Fair. Children are invited to wear their own clothes to school, but please remember that these need to be suitable for a normal day at school (no fancy dress). To “pay” for wearing non-uniform, children are asked to bring to school (on Friday morning):
• a bottle or jar for the adult tombola
• a small wrapped present for the Children’s tombola (eg a pocket money toy or game or book or whatever you like suitable for children aged 5-11, preferably suitable for boys or girls).
• Cakes (large or small) that can be sold at the fair
• clean soft toys, games, puzzles, DVDs and books for the second hand toy stall.
In addition, we aim to produce 3 really good hamper prizes for the raffle (a foodie one, one for a man and one for a woman) and would appreciate any good quality items that could go in these hampers.

Please bring donations to school on the morning of Friday 25th November where members of the PTA will be at tables outside the school office to take them in.


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