Sonning Common Primary School

Space to learn, grow and be inspired



There are three committees that meet regularly and report back to the main governing body.

Resources (Finance and Environment)

Emma Ashley (EA) – chair
Fiona Allnutt (FA) – Associate Governor and School Business Manager
Chris Hirst (CH) – Headteacher
Alex Scott (AS)
Ione Stacey (IS) – in attendance
Lindsey Tucker (LS)

Curriculum, Standards and Staffing

Barry Perkins (BP) – chair
Rachelle Bartlett (RB)
Caroline Conway (CC)
Ben Cosh (BC)
Chris Hirst (CH) – Headteacher
Rupert Loader (RL)
Steve McGrath (SM)
Sue Tyldesley (ST)

Strategy and School Improvement

Andy Lovell (AL) – chair
Emma Ashley (EA)
Ben Cosh (BC)
Chris Hirst (CH) – Headteacher
Barry Perkins (BP)
Rachel Salmons (RS) – Associate Governor
Lindsey Tucker (LT)

Governor Panels

Pupil Discipline, Admissions, Staff Grievance or Dismissal, Complaints and Grievances

A pool of Governors are available to form a panel of three, should panels be required for any of the above.  The pool will include all Full Governors (not Associates) excepting any governor who is also a member of school staff.

Barry Perkins (BP),  Lindsey Tucker (LT) and Ben Cosh (BC) would form an Appeals Panel if required.