Sonning Common Primary School

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Curriculum, Standards and Staffing

The Curriculum, Standards and Staffing Committee is responsible for keeping the curriculum priorities, as identified by the School Improvement Plan (SIP), under review.

It monitors and reviews all curriculum related policies.

It monitors the school performance using data from various sources.

It ensures Pupil Premium budget is being spent appropriately to improve outcomes for children.

It monitors Link Governors who liaise with Subject Leaders.

It ensures performance of teaching staff is taking place.

It monitors any action plan resulting from an Ofsted inspection.

The committee is also responsible for monitoring  the school to ensure that it carries out all aspects of staff  management in accordance with employment law as reflected in our local policies. The Personnel role of the Resources Committee is responsible for the production and review of all policies relating to staff recruitment, dismissal, discipline, wellbeing, development, performance management and equal opportunities. A regular schedule of policy review ensures that these comply with the latest statutory regulations.