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Tweet a Summary

In Year six we are reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

Summarising is an important skill children need to learn  and with a character limit of 140, Twitter provides an excellent framework for summarising chapters of a story.


6.12.16 Tweets about Chapter 8:

Hi my name is Michael. Kensuke is so boring when he is talking to me. I threw that coke bottle out for a reason – to get help! #lunatic

Woof! Hi my name is Stella. I’m Michael’s pet dog and his only family until we find mum and dad! I just want food! #hungry

You wouldn’t believe what happened today! Kensuke told me his life story and I threw a bottle into the ocean. I think he’s mad at me… #whoops

Today I told Michael my story of how I came to live on this island.  He looked very surprised. I think he found it interesting though. #I’malright

Michael and I had a good day out fishing then he betrayed me by trying to escape by throwing out a message in a bottle! #betrayal

Micasan like my story. But he betray me. He put SOS message in bottle. I feel very sad #sillymicasan

Today I tell Mica my story about Kimi and Michiya and bomb in Nagasaki while we were fishing. I found the bottle he chucked out for help #betrayed


We can see a theme emerging of betrayal as Kensuke may have felt betrayed by Michael’s attempt to find help. 

Next week – Chapter 9

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