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Week beginning 5th February

This week in our maths lessons we will be counting on and back in tens from any number. We will also begin to estimate objects by grouping them into 10s or 5s. In computing, we will be continuing our work on recording and following algorithms to direct a beebot. In our artwork, we will still be developing our skills in rolling and shaping our clay. Finally, in P.E. we are still continuing to work on our dancing skills.

Just a gentle reminder from Mrs Green, please could you ensure that your child creates one homemade musical instrument for Wednesday’s music lesson. This could be a Shaker made from rice/lentils in a bottle, Bongos or Guiros made from tins etc. A variety of homemade instruments would be very much appreciated.

We would also be very grateful for your child to learn the poem: ‘I’ve got a cold’ by Roger McGough for this Friday. One of the National Curriculum objectives is for your child to be able to recite a poem in front of an audience. This poem has been put in your child’s bookbag today. However, if your child struggles to learn the whole poem by Friday, please do not worry, a couple of lines will also be fine too.

Have a super week!



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