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Week beginning 30th October

This week we will be learning about why we celebrate with fireworks on November 5th and talking about firework safety. In maths we will be looking in more detail at the numbers 11-20 and also at ordinal numbers (first, second, third etc). Lots of the children are confusing 12 and 20 so it might be worth a bit of practise at home! On Friday morning we are having a Planetarium workshop in the hall.

The classes have now swapped timetables so Miss Bartlett’s class will have Forest Camp on Mondays and swimming on Wednesdays and Mrs Hoogenbergs class doesn’t swim this term but has Forest Camp on Wednesday. PE days stay the same.

Next week we will be starting some work on toys in the past and would like the children to bring in (if possible) a toy of their own, a toy that their mum/dad would have played with and a toy that their grandparents played with. This is so we can talk about things that similar or different. We will put the toys safely away when they are not being looked at!


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