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Groovy Greeks

First, I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the parents that made Ancient Greek Day so marvelous! The children behaved wonderfully and looked amazing in their groovy Greek outfits; your support in making these as well as assisting in the activities on the day made it even more worthwhile. Photos are now up on the gallery page to view.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been completing our Ancient Greek topic by learning about the battle of Marathon and exploring the difference between Athenians and Spartans. The children have been also designing and creating an Ancient Greek pot for their art project.

In Maths we have been looking at factors, multiples, prime, square and composite numbers. We have also been classifying types of triangles as well as converting measurements using the metric system.

In English, the children have written some amazing 13th Labours of Heracles. They have been working hard at adding relative clauses, subordinating conjunctions, a variety of openers and adjectives to enliven their writing.

We have completed our topic on Sikhism; looking at questions such as ‘How does a Sikh show outward signs of their faith?’ or ‘Do Sikhs need the Guru Granth Sahib and how do they show respect to it?’

Next term we will be starting our Chocolate topic; to enhance the children’s learning on this topic we have a  ‘Changing materials’ workshop (Friday 2nd March) to look forward to in Science , as well as a ‘Chocolate’ workshop to look forward to Friday 23rd March. If you need further information about the contribution for these or a letter stating the times and dates etc… please see your child’s class teacher or Mrs Matthews.

The first week back, after half term, the children will be participating in Theme Week! Please could you assist your child in picking a suitable SHORT story to perform during this time. They will have no homework other than to learn their story off by heart. However, Miss Worlock’s and Dr Loader’s group have been some non-obligatory revision about capacity to do- this may help in their assessments, iron out some misconceptions or be a good filler for a bored child during half term!

We hope you have a restful half term and that the weather warms up a bit!

From Year 5 team.



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