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Dear parents and carers,

It’s been an exciting week in Year 5. We have been doing some more space related activities for our science topic and now understand how the earth rotates around the sun and the relative sizes and distances of the earth, moon and sun. We even explored who Galileo Galilei was and why he was such an important theorist. Our Science topic got EVEN better on Friday when we got to take part in a “virtual reality space mission” to explore the planets as provided by the Oxfordshire Education group. The children (and adults) loved it! Thank you Mrs Conway for organising!

In Maths we have been applying our mental maths skills by adding and subtracting using a range of methods e.g. counting up, partition, place value and many more! The children have then been applying these methods to calculating real life problems and displaying what their brain does to work out these problems.

In Literacy we have started exploring Aboriginal Dreamtime stories as part of our Australia topic. The children have been collating a summary of the stories we’ve analysed and now we are ready to start preparing to write our own versions complete with fronted adverbials and relative clauses.

We hope you have a restful weekend!

From the Year 5 team




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