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Our Nominated Charity

Our charity this year is Shelter Box.

We will collect donations at the KS1 Nativity plays and at the Carol Concert, thank you in advance for your support for this worthwhile charity.

ShelterBox’s School Box
When conflict and natural disasters destroy communities, they don’t just leave families without a place to call home; they separate people from the things that make a life. For children, this often means that they are far from their schools, forcing them to freeze their education. Every day a child misses school, their chance of a good job and a future free of poverty becomes smaller and smaller. In situations that are often volatile, children have nowhere safe to go each day, and their opportunity to make friends dwindle.
This is why we also provide SchoolBoxes, along with ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits. Each box has enough materials for 50 children, along with all the equipment a teacher needs.

You can see more about the boxes here: ShelterBox SchoolBox

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