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Y6 Jazz Club performances

The Y6 Jazz Band played their final concert for parents and jazz fans under the oak tree at school. Here are some photos and a short video to enjoy.

The Y6 Jazz band played for the Fish Club at Sonning common village hall on 12th June. We think everyone enjoyed it!
Jazz Band FISH

The Y6 Jazz Band have performed for the first time in assembly today (March 9th). We think they sounded great!

The 2016-2017 Jazz Club have been practicing for their first performance.
Here you can hear some snippets of a tuesday practice session.
2017 Feb JazzClub play Summer

2017 Feb JazzClub play Sunny jc
Here they are practicing

4 thoughts on “Y6 Jazz Club performances

  1. Emma Alvey says:

    Loved listening to the recordings. Thank you Mr Loader.

  2. Susan Cornish says:

    Well done sounds terrific. Louisa’s grandma in Norfolk

  3. Marian Johnson says:

    Brilliant to see all the practice has paid off!!!! Well done to everyone!! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. Andrew & Christine Turner says:

    Brilliant! Good to see such talented young musicians and the audience enjoying it so much!
    Freya’s grandparents in Tewkesbury

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