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Local music providers

We are lucky enough to have quite a few local opportunities (outside of school) for children to explore music further.

There are many local music tutors and a good way to find them if you don’t have a personal recommendation is using the website:

 For children already learning an instrument

There are 3 local providers who have opportunities for children to play instruments in groups and further their musical experience:

Oxfordshire County Music Service – website

The local county music school is South Oxfordshire Music School (SOMS) based in at Wallingford school on Saturday mornings – there are opportunities for experienced musicians and those just starting out playing an instrument.  For more information see these SOMC leaflets

SOMC leaflet

SOMC Details

Henley Music School – website

Group music activities take place on a Sunday morning based at Shiplake College.

Berkshire Maestros – website

They provide a range of group music making opportunities throughout the week and also have a number of music instrument teachers (mostly based in Berkshire schools – but some also teach privately).

For children interested in singing activities:

There are choirs based in local churches – All Saints Peppard and St John’s Kidmore End.

There are also a number of children’s singing groups based locally.

Henley choral society has a 2 youth groups one for primary and one for secondary aged children –

There are also local performing arts groups who including singing, acting and dancing in their activities.

Local branches of the national company Stagecoach –

As well as a Henley based group, Henley Children’s Theatre –

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