Sonning Common Primary School

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Governor Meetings 2016-2017


All members of the full governing body and the individual committees attended relevant meetings except where apologies are shown below:

SEP 2016

28 Sep Full governors meeting Apologies: Alex Scott

OCT 2016

19 Oct Strategy & School Improvement Apologies: Gillian McNeill, Ben Cosh

NOV 2016

02 Nov Curriculum and Standards Apologies: Sue Tyldesley

DEC 2016

05 Dec Strategy & School Improvement Apologies: Rachel Salmons
07 Dec Full governors meeting Apologies: Andy Lovell, Gillian McNeill
15 Dec Resources Apologies: Gillian McNeill

JAN 2017

20 Jan Resources Apologies: none received
30 Jan Full governors meeting Apologies: none received

FEB 2017

27 Feb Curriculum and Standards Apologies: Caroline Conway

MAR 2017

10 Mar Resources Apologies: Fiona Allnutt
20 Mar Strategy & School Improvement Apologies: Ben Cosh

APR 2017

26 Apr Full governors meeting Apologies: Gillian McNeill
28 Apr Resources Apologies: Caroline Conway

MAY 2017

24 May Full governors meeting Apologies: Ben Cosh, Steve Mcgrath, Sue Tyldesley, Sammy Cooper-Smith

JUN 2017

9 Jun Resources Apologies:
19 Jun Curriculum and Standards Apologies: Rupert Loader

JUL 2017

3 Jul Strategy & School Improvement Apologies: Ben Cosh
6 Jul Resources Apologies: Ione Stacey, Barry Perkins, Chris Hirst, Lindsey Tucker, Gillian McNeill, Emma Ashley, Sammy Cooper-Smith
12 Jul Full governors meeting Apologies: Andy Lovell, Sammy Cooper Smith