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This is where you can find out all about Sonning Common’s community library, its opening times and events.

Sonning Common Community Library is a joint-use library for the primary school and the village. It is open to the public for part or all of every weekday except Tuesday, when it is open solely for the school.

On Tuesdays the library manager, Rosemary Dunstan, organises lessons on library use for small groups of KS2 children, teaching them what they can and can’t do in a library, how to join a library, how the books are arranged, and how to find the information they want.

Children from KS1 come to the library on Tuesdays for storytime sessions, to encourage them to look at books and enjoy stories.

The library is open at break and lunch times on Tuesdays for children to borrow or return books. And no fines are charged for late books returned to the library on this special day!

The library is open to the public on Mondays (2.00-5.00), Wednesdays (2.00-7.00), Thursdays and Fridays (9.00-1.00, 2.00-5.00), and Saturdays (9.30-12.30). On the first and third Mondays of the month we have a Rhymetime for under 3s at 10 o’clock, and on Saturdays we have a children’s storytime at 10 o’clock. Contact the library for more information about these and other activities and events.

The Bookshop

Situated in a room off the library is the School Bookshop, which is open on Wednesday mornings to sell discounted books and small items of stationery. The children can save up for a book they want by buying stamps and saving them on a special card until they have enough.

Orders from the Scholastic leaflets and School Link magazines are co-ordinated through the bookshop, and profits go towards buying more books for the school or library. If the books are presents for children and need to be kept secret, just have a word with Mrs Dunstan and she can arrange collection of the order from the library.

Mrs R Dunstan