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Last minute information for Woodlands – CHANGE OF DEPARTURE TIME

Last Minute Information for Woodlands – Departure now 9.30am due to coach company re-arrangement


  • Please arrive at school at the normal time – 8.45am
  • Please send your child with a small packed lunch, e.g. a bottle of water, a sandwich or bread roll and a piece of fruit. Please no crisps, sweets or chocolate. They will be given their lunch when we arrive at Woodlands but this is usually after 1pm so we will eat a small meal on the way there.
  • £10 (max) pocket money to be handed in to Dr Loader on Monday morning in a named envelope or purse.
  • All medicine to be handed to Miss Gregory on Monday morning in a named, re-sealable bag. Please make sure that your child has already taken their travel sickness medicine before they come. Do not rely on them being able to sit at the front as we have many children who suffer from travel sickness.
  • Children do not need to wear full school uniform but should travel in their Leavers Hoodies or a school sweatshirt.
  • We will return at approximately 6.30pm on Friday evening. We usually call school once we are the way to confirm that we are expecting to be on time. School will send out a Parent Mail and text at that time if we think we will arrive significantly late.  We will also tweet to the school Twitter feed if possible.
  • REMINDER: No phones, tablets, ipods or anything else electronic to be brought on the trip. No sweets or chocolates!

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